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How To Choose a Mattress for your Child

Sleep directly affects the physical and mental development of every child… it begins when you bring them home from the hospital and put them in their nursery.  The material of a mattress can make a huge difference in the level of comfort that it provides. Organic cotton is a highly recommended material in mattresses for children; though latex mattress can last up to 20 years and repel dust mites (make sure your child is not allergic to latex). These restful hours are essential for proper growth and development, not to mention prevention of childhood illnesses and the risk of obesity. Every child deserves a mattress that will provide them with the best sleep available. We feature some mattresses from Colgate, Lullaby Earth, Sopora and Gold Bond.

Rooms to Grow will carefully help you select a mattress that will give them not only a comfort during the night, but the right support for their growing bodies.